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Valve Furthers Linux Commitment, Officially Joins Linux Foundation

Valve Furthers Linux Commitment, Officially Joins Linux Foundation

Do you take this platform, the have and to hold, for as long as you both shall live? Yes! While Valve has been tinkering away at SteamOS, and the Steam distribution platform for Linux, Gabe Newell and company have been busy cementing an important relationship.  Valve has officially joined The Linux Foundation.  Read about it


Debian GNU/Hurd 2013 Reaches %75 Package Compatibility, Maintains Existence

GNU/Hurd — the completely free, Stallman-born kernel — continues to live on through its latest Debian-ized release.  And what better delivery mechanism than the most stable and most glacially released distribution out there — Debian! While GNU/Hurd is still not considered production-ready, and may not even get there, we are still amazed to see releases


GitHub Graciously Helps Female Programmers Cower In Fear

It’s no secret that the tech world has historically been a boys club. Programmers, engineers, hackers, makers; the majority of them are all male. Any females who wander into the fray tend to be ostracized, or perhaps even worse, garner so much unwanted attention that they are treated more like a sideshow than a colleague. The


Closed-source Linux Tycoon Now Available For DOS

From a cube-shaped planet far from earth… From the deepest darkest corner of the deepest darkest dungeon of Bizarro World, Bryan Lunduke releases Linux Tycoon, his closed-source game about an open source operating system for a closed source operating system no one uses.  That’s right, you thought today’s earlier headlines were a pump-fake-pass for April


Ubuntu For Android Makes Animated Debut

Ubuntu Ren & Stimpy Remember that really cool concept debuted by Canonical last February?  Ubuntu for Android?  Yeah?  Well, guess what, it’s still cool and it’s still happening.  The proof?  This new ad from Canonical explaining the benefits! The selling point remains the same; You’re walking around with the uber-powerful device in your pocket with


How Lightworks Falsely Rides Open Source Publicity Train

2 years ago, Lightworks made a promise to the open source community.  A promise that has made them darlings of the open source spotlight.  A promise that the have yet to fulfill.  One blogger takes serious issue with this lack of fullfilment, and rightly so.  Blogger Nekohayo offers in depth insight into the failed promises of


SMS Home-brew Game “Bread And Butter” Released

The Sega Master System, 20 years dead in the US, and nearly dead in Brazil, is seeing the release of a new home-brew game, Bread And Butter.  Bread And Butter was announced late yesterday evening on Sega-Addicts.  They had this to say about it: SMS Power! forum member dragonfeet has unleashed a brand new Master System game named ‘Bread