Swiss City Mandates Use Of Open Source, Banishes Microsoft Officially

Europe Moving Forward In an overwhelming majority vote, the city council in Bern, Switzerland has moved to implement all future infrastructure with open source technologies.  The “Party Motion”, as it is called in Switzerland, was submitted over a year ago, and has finally been realized.  Plans to move forward with open source design, strategy and […]


Thunderfork: Canonical’s Chance To Expand Its Ecosystem With Thunderbird

Bipolar Disorder With the recent news that Mozilla will no longer be innovating with new versions of Thunderbird, many Ubuntu users might be left wondering what this will mean for their favorite distribution’s default suite of software.  In fact, it seems like Canonical has had it’s hands full over the last two years trying to […]

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Lunduke OS: Sussudio

Lunduke OS Bryan Lunduke announced on his blog today the imminent forthcomence of the Lunduke OS, a custom appliance built with Suse Studio.  This appliance will make available all the tools necessary to develop for, and tinker with, the Lunduke Suite. From The purpose of this distro is not to become the King of […]


7 Mobile Operating Systems You Might Never Use

Diamonds– err, Emeralds– In The Rough With iOS and Android dominating the mobile space, it’s sometimes hard to remember that it’s actually a congested and cluttered market.  They are quite a few operating systems that are either in an incubating period, or already in your local Verizon store vying for your attention.  This attention costs a lot […]


Trinity Desktop Environment Needs Your Help!

The Trinity Desktop Environment, responsible for maintaining, packaging and distributing (and updating!) the now classic KDE 3.5.x series, is now holding a spring fundraiser.  The team is looking to raise $2000 to support the group.s costs for building, maintaining and development on their new Qt 4 integration engine.  From the announcement: The TDE project relies on […]