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A New Way to Play: MG Handheld Review

A New Way to Play: MG Handheld Review

We first told you about the MG back in September of 2012, when it was in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign attempting to raise a staggering $950,000. Perhaps they were inspired by the historic success of the OUYA just a few weeks prior, hoping to repeat that system’s incredible funding level on the same $950,000

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OUYA Approaches $5 Million In Backing, Attracts 5x Goal (So Far)

By now you’ve probably heard of OUYA, the wide-open console platform that aims to bring both AAA and Indie titles to your TV.  When we caught wind of OUYA early this week, they were just eclipsing the hump of half of their goal, $950k.  By mid-week, they had already passed the $3 million mark, and