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Linux Faithful Author Writes Novel Entirely In Tweets

Linux Faithful Author Writes Novel Entirely In Tweets

Be sure to read our interview with Piers Anthony, An Ogre And A Penguin. Also, be sure to follow Piers on Twitter and keep up with the story for yourselves.  @PiersAnthony The Storyteller Notable science fiction and fantasy novelist Piers Anthony has now gone where no author has gone before.  Twitter.  Anthony, who is new to


Piers Anthony: An Ogre and a Penguin

Piers Anthony is one of my favorite authors.  I got the notion to interview him about a month ago.  Since this is a technology site and Piers is a fiction novelist, the was only one way to make that possible.  Exploit his use of Linux! Seriously though, Piers Anthony is an amazing writer.  I have

Piers, hard at work.

Exclusive: TPB Interviews Piers Anthony

Hey gang, We will be interviewing @PiersAnthony in a couple of weeks.  Piers is a long time supporter of Linux and one of the few mainstream –using this term loosely– authors using it for serious writing.  The piece itself will be an editorial about serious writing on the Linux platform. Piers is and should be an inspiration