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[How To] Install KDE 4.10 in Kubuntu 12.10

[How To] Install KDE 4.10 in Kubuntu 12.10

One step closer to 5.0… Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement — or today, depending where you are — of the availability of KDE 4.10, the software compilation has already been packaged by the hard working Kubuntu team over at Blue Systems. This should come as a surprise to no one, as the Kubuntu


KDE 4.9.2 Released: Brings October’s Bugfixes And Features

For some, the 1st of the month is something to rejoice about, but unlike checks from the Department of Welfare, KDE brings nothing but good tidings and cheer with this latest series of updates, one day later. Highlights From KDE.org: Significant bugfixes include improvements to the Kontact Suite, bugfixes in Dolphin, Plasma and many more