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The Pony Grows Up: Pwn Plug R3 Review

The Pony Grows Up: Pwn Plug R3 Review

Over two years ago, we did a review for the first generation Pwn Plug; a little ARM box that looked enough like a power adapter for a printer that it could reasonably be hidden in a wiring closet or office, all the while snooping on the local network and reporting back to a remote operator.


Back to the Future: Pwn Pad Review

It was nearly one year ago that we took an in-depth look at the Pwnie Express Pwn Plug, a security appliance that absolutely exploded its way onto the scene. By combining an off the shelf hardware platform that was well supported by open source software, custom software front-end, and the experience and knowledge of their team of


Pwnie Express Releases Pwn Pad Ahead of Schedule

The team at Pwnie Express seems to have a lot of trouble standing still, as it doesn’t seem more than a few months go by before they are talking about yet another disruptive open source product that they are about to unleash on the security community. First it was their Pwn Plug, which combined an off the shelf SheevaPlug with


Pwnie Express Announces Enterprise Pentesting Appliance

With the recent announcement of their Enterprise Pentesting Appliance (EPA), Pwnie Express has once again leveraged the power of open source and the Linux operating system to deliver a world-class security testing platform. Taking all of the software advancements developed on their “Plug” line of devices and combining it with the raw horsepower of a


Pwnie Express Starts Pre-Orders for Power Pwn

Pwnie Express, known purveyors of stealthy security tools, has recently opened up pre-orders for their newest and unquestionably most impressive product: the Power Pwn. The Power Pwn, like it’s Pwn Plug sibling, is a complete Linux penetration testing suite that is concealed inside an innocent looking enclosure. But while the Pwn Plug was simply an off-the-shelf SheevaPlug, the Power


Pwnie Express Releases “Raspberry Pwn” Pentesting Suite

Pwnie Express, always looking to upset the status quo, has just announced the immediate release of “Raspberry Pwn”: an open source penetration testing suite built for everyone’s favorite impossible to purchase ARM Linux computer. From the Pwnie Express blog: Pwnie Express is happy to announce the initial release of Raspberry Pwn! Security enthusiasts can now


Pwn Plug Update Guide

Pwnie Express has recently upgraded their Pwn Plug pentesting device, greatly improving the capability and usability of the device. This guide will show you how to get your Pwn Plug up and running with the latest software release as quickly as possible. While this guide was written for the newest release (as of this writing,


Evolution Of Security: Interview With Pwnie Express CEO Dave Porcello

We recently got the opportunity to spend some hands on time with the Pwnie Express Pwn Plug, the product that has had everyone talking since February’s RSA Conference. We came away from the experience with the strong sense that devices like this are the future of security, for the good guys and the bad. For not much more