Pwnie Express Starts Pre-Orders for Power Pwn

Pwnie Express, known purveyors of stealthy security tools, has recently opened up pre-orders for their newest and unquestionably most impressive product: the Power Pwn. The Power Pwn, like it’s Pwn Plug sibling, is a complete Linux penetration testing suite that is concealed inside an innocent looking enclosure. But while the Pwn Plug was simply an off-the-shelf SheevaPlug, the Power […]


Pwnie Express Releases “Raspberry Pwn” Pentesting Suite

Pwnie Express, always looking to upset the status quo, has just announced the immediate release of “Raspberry Pwn”: an open source penetration testing suite built for everyone’s favorite impossible to purchase ARM Linux computer. From the Pwnie Express blog: Pwnie Express is happy to announce the initial release of Raspberry Pwn! Security enthusiasts can now […]


Pwn Plug Update Guide

Pwnie Express has recently upgraded their Pwn Plug pentesting device, greatly improving the capability and usability of the device. This guide will show you how to get your Pwn Plug up and running with the latest software release as quickly as possible. While this guide was written for the newest release (as of this writing, […]