KDE Gains “Magic Monitor” Functionality With New KScreen

It’s Magic! Well, it seems that after 2 decades –or probably 15 years– of headaches setting up multiple monitors in Linux, things are finally turning around in the user’s favor, or rather, KDE users favor.  In the beginning, there was X.  X allowed –and still allows for– WIMP interaction on the Linux platform.  Then came […]


Razor-Qt 0.5 Released, Several Improvements In Tow

Razor-Qt, the lightweight alternative to KDE, has released version 0.5 of their desktop environment.  If you’re looking for a lightweight desktop environment that can use the pretty Oxygen look and integrate nicely with both Qt and Gtk applications, you might give the project a look. From the announcement: We’re proud to announce the release of […]


[How To] Install KDE 4.9, Available Immediately For Kubuntu

It’s Here! Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of the availability of KDE 4.9, the software compilation has already been packaged by the hard working Kubuntu team over at Blue Systems. This should come as a surprise to no one, as the Kubuntu team has a healthy track record of bringing packages to backports […]


Trinity Desktop Environment Needs Your Help!

The Trinity Desktop Environment, responsible for maintaining, packaging and distributing (and updating!) the now classic KDE 3.5.x series, is now holding a spring fundraiser.  The team is looking to raise $2000 to support the group.s costs for building, maintaining and development on their new Qt 4 integration engine.  From the announcement: The TDE project relies on […]