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Cyntech Raspberry Pi Enclosure Review

Cyntech Raspberry Pi Enclosure Review

$35 dollars gets you quite a bit with the Raspberry Pi, but there’s one thing it doesn’t get you: a case for it. To save money, the Raspberry Pi ships as a bare board, and it’s up to the user to decide if they want to spring for an enclosure to put it in. Accordingly,


Taking Control: Interview with FLIRC Creator Jason Kotzin

We’ve covered a lot of hardware projects here on “The Powerbase”, from completely open source creations such as the OsciPrime, to 2012’s incredible influx of Kickstarter campaigns. But none of them have kept our attention as closely as Jason Kotzin’s FLIRC. Jason has managed to achieve a delicate balance between the obsessive attention to detail that comes


Integreen Brings Open Source Traffic Monitoring To Italy

The best way to fight an enemy is to start by learning everything you can about it, which is exactly what the team at Integreen are looking to do in the Italian city of Bolzano. By using the latest technology and banking on open source software, Integreen hopes to provide the city management with enough traffic


ODROID Boards Offer High-End Raspberry Pi Alternatives

There’s no question that the Raspberry Pi is everyone’s favorite ARM development board right now: it’s cheap, silent, and exceptionally power efficient. The Raspberry Pi makes an excellent choice for low-energy applications like personal servers, routers, firewalls, environmental monitoring setups, etc, etc. But the Raspberry Pi has one big downside, it’s a fairly slow machine.


Pwnie Express Releases “Raspberry Pwn” Pentesting Suite

Pwnie Express, always looking to upset the status quo, has just announced the immediate release of “Raspberry Pwn”: an open source penetration testing suite built for everyone’s favorite impossible to purchase ARM Linux computer. From the Pwnie Express blog: Pwnie Express is happy to announce the initial release of Raspberry Pwn! Security enthusiasts can now


Raspberry Pi Shown Running XBMC

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced via their website that the much anticipated “Raspberry Pi Model B” $35 single board computer is successfully running the open source media player XBMC. Not much else is known at this point, but we can see from the video that performance is pretty good for being such an early release. The