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Cutting Off The Root: The Future Of Community Developed Android

Cutting Off The Root: The Future Of Community Developed Android

The CyanogenMod team made news last week when they announced that future versions of their venerable Android build would no longer include root-level access by default, a massive departure from essentially every other custom Android ROM. Some have questioned the move, claiming that removing root undermines the very idea of running a custom ROM. What


Sony Unexpectedly Leading Industry In Ice Cream Sandwich Support

Sony isn’t a company we often associate with developer-friendly practices, and yet it appears they are currently leading the mobile industry (aside from Google themselves) in terms of Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” support. Sony had previously released an unlocking mechanism for all of their “XPERIA” line of Android smartphones, something other manufacturers have failed to


Motorola RAZR Developer Version Announced, Promptly Disappears

Looks like somebody pulled the trigger a little early on this one over at Motorola. Reports are coming in that the Motorola site briefly announced a new “Developer Version” of the incredibly thin RAZR that features, you guessed it, an unlockable bootloader. Before the site was changed, readers were able to glean that the device

Jailbreak Featured

Jailbreaking Is Not a Crime: Protect Your Rights

The 2010 ruling made by the Copyright Office which excluded jailbreaking devices from persecution under the DMCA is set to expire soon, an event that could prove extremely damaging to how you use the devices you own and even websites like The Powerbase. If jailbreaking becomes a criminal offense, than sites which talk about it


Root: HTC Doubleshot Mytouch Slide 4g guide

Before my phone arrived on the porch via UPS, I had been studying the rooting process. While most devices involve some work, and more often than not quite a bit of risk, the Doubleshot is quite easy to unlock. This is meant to be a simple guide on Root: HTC Doubleshot Mytouch Slide 4g and


Carrier IQ: spying on hundreds of millions of phones, including yours!

Carrier IQ If you have a phone, this article is for you. Carrier IQ, a cellular software developer has been installing snooping apps on phones for some time. A proud banner displayed on their site counts furiously into the clouds with over 141 million devices INFECTED with their innocuous software as of this article. So