ODROID Boards Offer High-End Raspberry Pi Alternatives

There’s no question that the Raspberry Pi is everyone’s favorite ARM development board right now: it’s cheap, silent, and exceptionally power efficient. The Raspberry Pi makes an excellent choice for low-energy applications like personal servers, routers, firewalls, environmental monitoring setups, etc, etc. But the Raspberry Pi has one big downside, it’s a fairly slow machine. […]


Google Announces $250 Chromebook

Laptop computers running Google’s Chrome OS, referred to collectively as “Chromebooks”, have been an interesting experiment. An operating system which forgoes local applications for Internet-based “apps”, or in other words, interactive webpages developed with new technologies such as HTML5. The Chromebook promises to be the “dumb terminal” of the 21st century, a computer which is simply a […]



[dropcap]…I[/dropcap]f you own just about any decent smartphone these days, the capacitive touch sensitive display is likely nestled behind a seemingly thick piece of glass. Corning actually is the leading glass manufacturer for Liquid Crystal Displays. But they are also creators of Gorilla Glass, that hard covering protecting your precious apps. Corning’s thin sheet of […]