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Slackware Linux Hits 14.0

Slackware Linux Hits 14.0

Some good news this weekend for fans of the world oldest maintained GNU/Linux distribution, Slackware. Despite some persistent rumors earlier in the year about its demise, Slackware has just officially announced their version 14.0 release. Slackware 14.0 Slackware 14.0 comes nearly 18 months after the previous release, Slackware 13.37. The numerically astute among our readers will probably


Slackware Plays Nicer Than Ubuntu With Humble Botanicula Bundle

Update:  We mentioned before that the blog mentioned belongs to reader Dugan Chen.  Dugan was nice enough to update us, rescinding OUR foolish and supposed assumption that he was its owner.  Sorry Dugan, and thank you for the update! Because You’re A Slacker If you follow the Humble Bundle series of game packages, or if


SOS: Save Our Slackware?

The last few days have seen a depressing flurry of forum topics and blog posts about the supposed death of Slackware, evidenced (primarily) by the fact that Slackware.com has been down quite a bit recently (indeed, it is down at the time of this writing). For any other modern distribution, downtime on the site might not mean