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Thunderbird 24 Is Days Away, Mozilla Gets Back To Work

Thunderbird 24 Is Days Away, Mozilla Gets Back To Work

Thunderbird, the mysteriously abandoned (sort-of) open source mail client makes its return on September 17th.  Faithful users have been marooned on version 17, receiving only maintenance tune-ups along the way, but that’s all set to change. So, what’s changed? In the Compose window, ctrl/cmd + and ctrl/cmd – now change the zoom setting rather than


Audacity 2.0.4 Released, Brings Fractions Into The Equation

All Ears Audacity, everyone’s favorite open-source audio manipulator, matures into version 2.0.4.  And with it come a bevy of changes that you are sure to exploit upon installation.  Here is a list of the changes and improvements from the release notes. New “Reverb” effect to replace GVerb, based on the original “Freeverb”. New View >


OpenShot Reaches Halfway In Kickstarter Campaign

OpenShot, the leading (currently) open source video editing package for Linux has reached the halfway point in its Kickstarter campaign today.  OpenShot, which seeks 20k in funding to release upcoming versions of its software for Windows and Mac, has crossed the 10k threshold and is inching towards 11k.  And with 22 days left to go