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Hackers In Space

Hackers In Space

Foreword If you’ve been following my articles here on “The Powerbase”, you’ve probably come to the realization that I’m really into space. The idea of hackers and makers being able to communicate with, or ideally even control, an orbiting satellite is simply incredible to me. Just a few years ago, setting up an amateur network of communications


Copenhagen Suborbitals Release Snowmix, an Open Source Video Mixer

The Copenhagen Suborbitals, if you weren’t aware, have a pretty simple goal: to launch a human being into space. As you might expect, this takes a bit of work to accomplish; and along the way they will be creating and researching many ideas and technologies that otherwise would be limited to global superpowers and corporate


Linux Powered PROITERES Satellite Safely in Orbit

The Japanese PROITERES satellite was successively launched last week, and reports from amature radio operators from all over the globe have confirmed it’s in the intended orbit and operating normally. PROITERES PROITERES, which (somewhat awkwardly) stands for the “PRoject of OIT Electric-Rocket-Engine Onboard Small Space Ship”, is a very unique spacecraft designed and built by students of the Osaka Institute of Technology. Its primary goal is


NASA Expands Android Application Collection with “Earth Now”

NASA has put out a few absolutely stunning iPhone and iPad applications, but unfortunately for us not living under Apple’s thumb, the majority of them haven’t been ported over to Android. While that situation is still a long way from changing, the recently released “Earth Now” for Android shows that keeping the two mobile operating


SpaceX Launch Marks New Era In Open Space Program

This morning’s successful launch of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft atop the Falcon 9 rocket marks the first time in history a commercial company has attempted a mission to the International Space Station (ISS). While the success of the mission won’t be determined for a few days yet, this is still a historic day for humanity’s efforts to reach out


Winners Announced For International Space Apps Challenge

While budgetary constraints and increasing commercial competition has clearly taken its toll on NASA, one area where the iconic government institution has unquestionably made headway is the implementation of open source. The launching of code.NASA a few months back was an excellent start, open sourcing various pieces of NASA software so that anyone in the world