Hackers In Space

Foreword If you’ve been following my articles here on “The Powerbase”, you’ve probably come to the realization that I’m really into space. The idea of hackers and makers being able to communicate with, or ideally even control, an orbiting satellite is simply incredible to me. Just a few years ago, setting up an amateur network of communications […]


Linux Powered PROITERES Satellite Safely in Orbit

The Japanese PROITERES satellite was successively launched last week, and reports from amature radio operators from all over the globe have confirmed it’s in the intended orbit and operating normally. PROITERES PROITERES, which (somewhat awkwardly) stands for the “PRoject of OIT Electric-Rocket-Engine Onboard Small Space Ship”, is a very unique spacecraft designed and built by students of the Osaka Institute of Technology. Its primary goal is […]