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Carrier IQ, Clients Sued, Freedom Seekers Exact Revenge

Carrier IQ, Clients Sued, Freedom Seekers Exact Revenge

Today is a good day for anyone who uses a modern smart-phone.  The first step towards freedom against the hostile Carrier IQ has been taken.  The case I am referring to is Pacilli v. Carrier IQ, U.S. District Court, District of Delaware (Wilmington). From Bloomberg: The lawsuit cites a YouTube report by a technology blogger that


Carrier IQ: spying on hundreds of millions of phones, including yours!

Carrier IQ If you have a phone, this article is for you. Carrier IQ, a cellular software developer has been installing snooping apps on phones for some time. A proud banner displayed on their site counts furiously into the clouds with over 141 million devices INFECTED with their innocuous software as of this article. So


Sprint Premier Follows ‘Sprint Guy’ Into The Sunset

Sprint, who recently reported a net loss of $284 million in it’s latest quarterly report, is now ending that much beloved and recently troubled Sprint Premier program.  Sprint Premier, – a plan for faithful subscribers- orignally allowed it’s members with 2-year contract agreements re-up after 1 year while enjoying many handset upgrades at full discount.  This was


Swype on the Nexus S: A Love affair

Swype, an application that has been strangely absent from the Android market since it’s been available, is now available for the Sprint Nexus S 4G! This is great news for users that want to benefit from the Nexus S’ stock Gingerbread configuration, but long for the flexibility and efficiency of Swype.  I myself have had many android devices of varying quality with