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Final Term: A 2013 Spin on a 1978 Relic

Final Term: A 2013 Spin on a 1978 Relic

The terminal emulator.  Perhaps the most important tool in any one person’s arsenal for accessing systems remotely and locally.  Unix and Linux admins would be lost without one; but despite it’s usefulness, little has been done to modernize the experience.  Until now. Enter Final Term.  The sexiest damn terminal you’ve ever seen.  With progress bars! 


Debian GNU/Hurd 2013 Reaches %75 Package Compatibility, Maintains Existence

GNU/Hurd — the completely free, Stallman-born kernel — continues to live on through its latest Debian-ized release.  And what better delivery mechanism than the most stable and most glacially released distribution out there — Debian! While GNU/Hurd is still not considered production-ready, and may not even get there, we are still amazed to see releases