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The Uphill Climb of Linux Gaming

The Uphill Climb of Linux Gaming

For years, there has been one constant for users making the switch to Linux: gaming was going to be a thing of the past. Not that people haven’t tried, of course. Software like WINE (with its gaming spin-offs like Cedega and PlayOnLinux) have made it possible to run Windows games on Linux with mixed results.


Valve Teases L4D2 With Zombie Penguins

Visitors of the Left 4 Dead “Cold Stream” portal are being greeted with tasty Tux morsels this morning as Valve’s makes no bones about the impending release for Linux. The creepy, decaying and reanimated corpse of Tux is a beacon for Linux gamers everywhere.  Since Michael Larabel first outed the news of Steam For Linux


Valve Picks Up Steam With Influence From Larabel

UPDATE 07/25:  Valve Teases L4D2 With Zombie Penguins We all know now that Steam is really coming to Linux.  According to Gabe Newell, you can expect it this year.  The ‘Steam-engine’ picked up additional locomotion yesterday when it brought developer David White on board.  This is of course after being influenced my Michael Larabel, founder