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WordPress Theme Updated, Feedback Welcome

WordPress Theme Updated, Feedback Welcome

In May we decided to switch over our WordPress theme to the GPLv2 “DW Focus” by DesignWall, and we’ve been very happy with the results so far. Our fork of DW Focus on GitHub has attracted some attention, and there are already a few additional forks that have been made. As of today we’ve just


Going All the Way: GPL’ing Our Theme

If you’ve been vising our site for awhile now (thanks, by the way), you’ve certainly noticed that things have been looking a little less…terrible, as of late. We’ve been working on turning “The Powerbase” into a more modern and aesthetically pleasing site, and the recent change of theme is a major step in that direction. While we’re

Review: WordPress mobile app using WordPress mobile app

So, Dean setup the WordPress app on the backend, and offered the idea up to review it using the app itself. While I miss my full-featured toolkit, this isn’t too shabby. Login was mysterious, no idea what was coming. After staring at “The Power Base” for a few seconds expecting something to load, I touched